A data-driven analysis of issues caused by Covid-19, coupled with a list of charities that are helping to tackle those issues.

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Given that we are a company focused on data analysis and insights, we wanted to be data-driven about the charities we donated to. So we built the following methodology to come up with our list:

  • Pull 6970 recent articles related to Covid-19 from 6 major US publishers.
  • Run the articles through Yogi, which is able to find connections and build themes between similar articles.
  • See what groupings were created, and find charities that are relevant.

Yogi found these news articles covered 8 general themes:

  • Federal Goverment News
  • State Level News
  • Medical Information
  • Sports
  • Economic Fallout
  • International News
  • Tips/Help during the Pandemic
  • Celebrity News

#GetUsPPE is a great charity specifically focused on getting clinicians the personal protective equipment they need to stay safe while saving lives. To date they've helped thousands of medical facilities.

The selection of #GetUsPPE stems from articles talking about shortages in protective equipment. Out of the 1035 articles grouped under "medical", 233 mention something related to shortages in protective equipment. Other sub-topics include hospital bed shortages, medical personnel getting sick, and suspension of "non-essential" care.

The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) is on the forefront of helping tackle the public health crisis caused by Covid-19, ranging from anti-body tests to support for state and local health departments. Donations to the CDC Foundation go directly to the organization.

The CDC Foundation is particularly relevant given the articles on lack of testing (201 articles). Many of these were also linked to articles talking about vaccines and anti-body trials currently going on. Given that many organizations working on testing are also working on finding a cure, these connections make sense. In total, there are 272 articles covering testing and vaccines.

GiveDirectly is a great organization that takes an interesting approach to helping those in need. This charity gives money directly to families in need, and has already donated more than $4mil in response to Covid-19.

When looking at the economy, there are a variety of sub-topics being discussed. However one theme that's particularly problematic is talk of affected industries, coupled with the rising unemployment rate. Articles particularly covering the retail/restaurant industries and unemployment were generally close together on the Yogi Network, with 143 total talking about unemployment.

Feeding America has been around for more than 35 years, and operates a network of 200 food banks around the country.

One common thread that was pervasive in many topics of conversation Yogi found was food shortages (or more broadly, feeding those in need). Yogi found a pocket of articles covering various aspects of food shortages, ranging from large donations made by famous figures to analysis on the pressure Covid-19 is putting on food banks. Given the increased strain that Covid-19 has put on these banks, we chose to add Feeding America's Covid-19 Response Fund to our list.

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Yogi is a customer feedback analysis platform that helps companies understand what is being talked about across their unstructured feedback data (e.g. reviews, support tickets, user interviews, et cetera). Using a combination of Natural Language Processing algorithms and unique visualizations, Yogi provides extended insight beyond standard techniques like sentiment analysis and word clouds, towards richer results focused on what customers are actually talking about across various channels.


Of course! You can reach out through our website, or directly at hello@meetyogi.com. Also if you're working on anything Covid-19 related, please let us know and we'd be happy to set you up with a free license.


As a company, we’ve been lucky enough not to have any of our team members or their immediate family members test positive for Covid-19. However, we are well aware that others aren’t as fortunate. Especially being a company based in New York City, we’ve seen friends get laid off from work, our favorite restaurants close down, and our neighbors in the medical field push themselves to the brink of exhausation to help others.

Because of this, as a company, we wanted to try our best to help out. Although it’s a drop in the bucket compared to those who are fighting this on the frontlines, we decided as a team to donate to a set of charities that are well positioned to fix some of the biggest issues that Covid-19 is causing. Given that we are a company focused on data analysis and insights, we wanted to be data-driven about the charities we donated to. Hence, we put together this analysis and decided to expose it publicly as a way to encourage others to donate as well.


The first goal was to build a good understanding of the issues being caused by Covid-19, and the frequency at which these are mentioned across news channels. Once we had that in place, we took some time to research charities that we felt were in the best position to tackle these issues. We measured each charity on three criteria:

  • Relevance of charity to core issue caused by Covid-19
  • Track record and reputation of charity
  • Any unique offerings/initiatives specifically focused on Covid-19

That's perfectly fine! There is an incredible number of charities that are doing great things, so if there is a specific charity that you'd rather donate to that isn't on our list please do so.

In fact, let us know what the charity is at hello@meetyogi.com and we'll see if we can add it to our list.